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Become a female escort

There are many ladies out there wondering how to take the first step to becoming a female escort. You could always use the contact us feature on the independentescorts website and have a chat to one of our friendly reception staff who are there to help and advice, not only clients, but also adventurous young ladies interested in a career as an escort and want to know what it entails. There are two types of escorts, the independent escort who works for themselves, organise their own escort advertising, answer their own phone and organise the appointments. There are many advantages to becoming an independent escort one is that you get to keep all of your earning less travelling and advertising expenses and of course you speak personally to clients before actually meeting them, breaking the ice so to speak and getting an idea of the personality of the prospective client. Joining an agency as an escort also has numerous advantages, although the agency takes a percentage of your earnings, which varies from escort agency to escort agency, many of them have established client bases and escort agency websites that are ranking on the major search engines as well as the agency organising driver who also give you some added piece of mind regarding security for escort services on an outcall basis. Most of the larger escorts agencies have apartment for escort incall services, meaning you do not need invite clients to your own apartment, thus helping again in the security issue.

Are you suitable to become an escort

Most female escorts are between the age of eighteen and thirty five years of age, with 18 being the minimum legal age to become an escort, this is a strict legal criteria. You do not have to have a glamour model figure or a particular type of figure as gentlemen all have different ideas about the ladies they want to spend time with, many gentlemen preferring the girl next door type to girls that are perhaps a little more glamorous. An important part of being an escort is to be able to provide the sort of companionship the makes a client feel relaxed and comfortable, often gentlemen want to talk and be listened to as well as enjoy the more intimate part of the date. If a gentleman is looking for an escort to fulfil his fantasies, then that is another area where it takes all types and when thinking of applying for an escort position you should not rule yourself out because you don't think you fit the escort stereotypical image as it literally does take all sorts. Not all gentlemen are after ladies who are size six as not all gentlemen are looking for size twelve to fourteens either. An escort above all has to be personable, polite m well mannered and above all attentive giving the client the attention he is looking for as he perhaps feels he is not getting that at home, for whatever reason. Many gentlemen are just looking for some affection and someone who understands their needs for a bit of extra companionship; all men are different and are looking for different things when choosing an escort.

Qualities to become a female escort

There are certain qualities you need to become a successful escort and reliability is certainly near the top of the list. If working for an escort agency you need to be available at all the agreed times and in a state of readiness looking you best at all times. Reliability and punctuality are very important and you should try not to be late as many clients themselves are running to a strict timetable and may not want to keep the appointment if you are late, there are plenty reliable agencies with reliable girls so he will try elsewhere next time. As an independent escort reliability is essential as you need to build up and maintain a reputation, perhaps independent escorts need more self discipline and be more organised as they have to organise their own transport to out call appointments.

Another important quality is to be able to relate to others on various levels having various social skills, being able to chat about various things and above all to be able to listen and respond. Many clients just want to relax and have some light hearted naughty fun, so the ability to be able to relate to others is important. Having good social skills is important for longer appointments such as dinner date or overnight appointment where social intercourse is so much more important. It is always a benefit if you can come across as confident and self assured.

Another quality is being able to look your best and be immaculately groomed paying special attention to personal hygiene, looking good and smells nice, just as a girl friend would, at least on earlier dates in the relationship.

Benefits of being an escort

Many girls quickly become accustomed to the lifestyle of being an escort, having more money is not the only benefit, but it helps. Especially being an independent escort you are very much in control of your own working hours and certainly nothing like the monotony of nine till five. Escorting often provides a good social life, making new friends filling any social vacuum you may be in. Of course the financial independence is a great benefit and has an effect on your social life and maybe holidays abroad you can afford, coming back relaxed and tanned ready to start working again at your leisure. Many escorts are party escorts who really do get used to the good life whilst partying with clients and having a good time. Many of the ladies enjoy having social time with their favourite clients, such as a dinner date or a few drinks in a trendy bar before retiring for more intimate private time. Sometimes ladies who start escorting notice their confidence levels go up as they realise how much they are actually wanted and appreciated, some think it is a great confidence booster after coming out of relationships.

Start becoming an escort

The easiest and quickest way is look on various web sites such as independentescorts or escortsmagazine and advertise your services, there are also various escort agencies featured on these escort directories. There are many agencies that a lady can contact to embark on her new career. Possibly after working for an agency for a few months she may fancy sampling life as an independent escort, or possibly she is enjoying the stress free life of having the escort agency making all the arrangements and appointments for her. So as the sample the lifestyle a prospective female escort could find an online publication to advertise on and see if she is suited to her new career, then maybe continue on her own as an independent of sign up with a reputable escorts agency in her area so they can organise some professional escort photograph and organise booking for her making life that bit easier. If you choose the agency option all you have to worry about is looking and feeling your best for your appointments and you can put all your efforts into looking after your clients needs, building up a solid reputation for yourself.