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Become an independent female escort

The easiest way get involved with the female escort industry is to become part of a community and joining sites like and some independent escorts directories have forums and chat rooms so you can talk to potential clients as well as chat to other independent female escorts whilst engaging notes, which often has safety and security benefits, many of the female escorts directories are free and some may charge a modest subscription and others may charge you per advert you place. Often the directories that charge are well placed in the various search engines in categories such as independent escorts in Manchester or independent escorts in Birmingham ensuring that they get plenty of traffic and your particular advert gets as many viewing as possible. As far as your advert or blog goes it is best to have good photographs , good armature ones work as well as long as prospective clients can see what they are getting and a good description taking in aspects of your personality and things you like doing and things you would rather not like to do. Sometimes a client may suspect that a glossy professional photo is not a true representation of what you really look like. It is important that what the client sees is what the client gets as reputation is very important in building up your own independent escorting business. Finding a good escort directory of other advertising medium is so important to start off with and as your start earning as an independent escort then you can start investing in joining more independent escorting sites that may have an annual or monthly subscription.

Being a successful Independent female escort

Gaining a good reputation as an independent escort is very important and that is achieved in many ways. Your service being described accurately on your advert, blog or website as well as having genuine photographs is very important as not to cause an initial disappointment as first impressions are very important. Good armature pictures often work very well in this aspect because it is a positive thing if a first time client say wow you are better than your photos. First impressions are very important so taking time with your make up and general appearance in essential. Being an independent escort also gives you the opportunity to have a brief chat with your clients when arranging an appointment finding out his likes dislikes and forming an impression of what you should wear or even asking if he has any preferences, so you can look absolutely perfect for when you open the door to him or when he open the door for you if it an independent outcall escort service that you are providing. Many clients may offer you a drink and it is sometimes important for you to accept and be sociable as to build up a report and relationship, but be careful not to drink too much and damage you professional credibility and of course comprise your own security especially if he is a first time client for you.

Having a warm friendly attitude is very important to building up a relationship with a client, even if he is just visiting town as a one off, then he may still write a positive review which is always helps with your reputation which is so important in every business not just the escorting industry and repeat business or referrals can play a big part in being a very successful independent escort.

Advantages of being an independent female escort

There are several advantages to being an independent escort as opposed to being an escort agency escort. One advantage is that you get to fix your own rates, certain months are a bit quieter than others such as January and the period covering some school holiday, being an independent female escort you can maybe run special rates at those times and increase them back up to your standard rates once the market has stabilised again. Of course after expenses you do keep everything you earn as some of the less reputable agencies can take up to half of the hourly rate, but it is usually just about a third, which is still quite considerable. An independent escort can also can be a little more discerning when it comes to who she sees as many agencies will send a girl out to just about anyone. Speaking on the phone to a client whilst he is making a booking is very beneficial to both you and the potential client as you can get a feel for him ascertain his requirements and he in turn gets an idea whether you are right for him giving less scope for disappointment and help the independent female escort offer a more satisfying bespoke service.

Being an independent escort enables you to also choose where you work, you may want to avoid a certain town in the area for personal reasons. As an independent escort you are free to organise tours to different parts of the country as a touring escort, this arrangement suits many escorts and not only is it lucrative it also gives a change of scenery and depending on what type of area you are touring in it often guarantees a certain type of client, London is a very popular tour destination as is Birmingham, Manchester and various parts of Scotland. Some agency have dress code and are a little controlling as an independent female escort you have quite a lot of flexibility as to what you wear and how you look. Many independent escorts build up a wardrobe specially for working, having one or two elegant dresses for dinner dates or other social dates, an assortment of fine sexy lingerie and of course fantasy role play outfits are very popular when it comes to entertaining as many clients are looking for something a bit different, such as a sexy school girl escort, a naughty nurse escort and there are many more you can add to the list.

Setting up as an independent female escort

In some cases it takes very little capital outlay to start yourself off as an independent escort, some ladies have a full time job and do independent escort work in their spare time as an extra social activity and lucrative part time job, that can be done be using free independentescorts directories or some very cost effective ones and slowly build business up like that. That way is also a good way to start if you are a student wanting to earn whilst having fun. If you have a certain amount of capital at your disposal or have gradually built up your business then you may want to take it a step further an commission a web designer to build you your own personal independent escort website and find a photographer to build up a portfolio for your website. Another alternative to having your own personal website is to share one with a couple of friends, this enables you to share the cost, do group bookings if applicable and if you do an independent escort duo service to double a clients pleasure, then you are both on the same site as it would be on an escort agency website.